AWS Services Key Points

  • An ASG is a collection of EC2 instances grouped for scaling and management.
  • Scaling Out is when add servers.
  • Scaling In is when you remove servers.
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  • VPC Endpoints help keep traffic between AWS services within the AWS Network.
  • There are two kinds of VPC endpoints. Interface Endpoints and Gateway Endpoints.
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  • There are three Elastic Load Balancers: Network, Application and Classic Load Balancer.
  • A Elastic Load Balancer must have at least two Availability Zones.
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  • Security Groups acts as a firewall at the instance level.
  • Unless allowed specifically, all inbound traffic is blocked by default.
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  • Network Access Control List is commonly known as NACL.
  • VPC's are automatically given a defult NACL which allows all outbound and inbound traffic.
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  • Identity Access Management is used to manage access to users and resources.
  • IAM is a universal system. (Applied to all regions at the same time). IAM is a free service.
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  • CloudFront is a CDN (Content Deistribution Network). It makes website load fast by serving cached content that is nearby.
  • CloudFront distributions cached copy at Edge Locations.… Read more

Elastic Container Service (ECS) is fully-managed container orchestration service. Highly secure, reliable, and scalable way to run containers.
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1. Elastic Beanstalk handles the deployment, from capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling to application health monitoring.
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