AWS Services Key Points

  • CI/CD is automated methodologies that prepare, test, deliver or deploy code into a servers.
  • Production an env which is intended to be used by paying users.
  • Staging an… Read more
  • CloudTrail logs calls between AWS services.
  • Governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing are keywords relating to CloudTrail.
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Helps developers analyze and debug applications utilizing microservices architecture x-ray is a distributed tracing system / performance monitoring system

  • Route53 is a DNS provider, register and manage domains, create record sets.
  • Simple Routing - Default routing policy, multiple addresses result in a random… Read more
  • Cognito is decentralized managed authentication system. When you need to easily add autentication to your mobile and desktop app think Cognito.
  • User Pools user directory, allows… Read more
  • Simple Notification Service is a fully managed pub/sub messaging service.
  • SNS is for Application Integration. It allows decoupled services and apps to communicate with each other… Read more
  • SQS is a queuing service using messages with queue. Think Sidekiq or RabbitMQ.
  • SQS is used for Application Integration, it lets decoupled services and apps to talk to each other… Read more
  • Amazon Kinesis is the AWS solution for collecting, processing, and analyzing streaming data in the cloud. When you need "real-time" think Kinesis.
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Placement groups let you to choose the logical placement of your instances to optimize for communication,
performance or durability. Placement groups are free.

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  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a Cloud Computing Service.
  • Configure your EC2 by choosing your OS, Storage, Memory, Network Throughput.
  • Launch and SSH into your server… Read more