AWS Services Key Points

  • PostgresSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Aurora (AWS proprietary db).
  • Amazon aurora auto scales up to 128 TB of storage/db instances.
  • Aurora have 15 replica… Read more
  • Provide a static DNS name we can use in our application.
  • When using Application Load Balancer (ALB) to distribute to your EC2 instance the IP address you'll receive requests from… Read more
  • Step Functions coordinate multiple AWS services into serverless workflows using State Machines.
  • A state machine is an abstract model which decides how one state moves to another… Read more
  • API Gateway is a solution for creating secure API's in your cloud environment at any scale.
  • Create API's that act as a front door for applications to access data, business logic,… Read more
  • ElastiCache is a managed in-memory caching service.
  • ElastiCache can launch either Memcached or Redis.
  • Memcached is a simple key / value store preferred for caching HTML… Read more
  • Simple Storage Service (S3) Object-based storage. Store unlimited amount of data without worry of underlying storage infrastructure.
  • S3 replicates data across at least 3 AZ's to… Read more
  • Relational Database Service (RDS) is the AWS Solution for relational databases.
  • RDS instances are managed by AWS, You cannot SSH into the VM running the database.
  • There… Read more
  • CodePipeline is a fully-managed CI/CD pipeline to setup automatic deployments.
  • Anatomy of CodeDeploy
      1  Pipeline - encompasses all components.
      2  Stage - a step… Read more
  • A fully-managed deploy pipeline to deploy to staging or production environments.
  • Can deploy to EC2, On-Premise, Lambda or ECS.
  • Can Perform In-Place or Blue/Green… Read more
  • CodeBuild is a fully-managed build pipeline to create temporary servers to build and test code.
  • Compile source code, runs unit tests, and produces artifacts that are ready to… Read more