Step Functions

  • Step Functions coordinate multiple AWS services into serverless workflows using State Machines.
  • A state machine is an abstract model which decides how one state moves to another based on a series of conditions. Think of a state machine like a flow chart.
  • Step functions automatically triggers and tracks each step, and retries when there are errors, so your application executes in order and as expected, every time.
  • Amazon States Language is how you define all your states and is written in JSON.
  • There are two types of State Machines Available
      1  Standard - General purpose, long workloads.
      2  Express - Streaming data, short workloads.
  • Use Cases for Step Functions
      1  Manage a batch job, Fargate or ECS containter.
      2  Sequential batch processing.
      3  Creating a pipline to transcode media files.
      4  Transferring data records, by performing operations on each record queued up via SQS.
      5  Sequence steps of ML workflows.
      6  Coordinate Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Jobs.
  • The type of Step Functions States
      1  Pass State Passes its input to its output, without performing work (dummy/mock). Pass states are useful when constructing and debugging state machines.
      2  Task State represents a single unit of work performed by a state machine.
        1  Lambda - triggers a lambda function.
        2  Activity - the work is performed by a worker that can be hosted on anywhere eg. EC2, ECS, mobile phones supported AWS services pass parameters to the API of an AWS service.
       3  Choices State adds branching logic to a state machine.
       4  Wait State delays the state machine from continuing for a specified time.
       5  Succeed State stops an execution successfully.
       6  Fail State stops the execution of the state machine and marks it as a failure.
       7  Parallel State can be used to create parallel branches of execution in your state machine. The state machine does not move forward until both states complete.
       8  Map state can be used to run a set of steps for each element of an input array.

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