• CodePipeline is a fully-managed CI/CD pipeline to setup automatic deployments.
  • Anatomy of CodeDeploy
      1  Pipeline - encompasses all components.
      2  Stage - a step in the pipeline eg. Source > Build > Deploy.
      3  Action Group - groups several actions together.
      4  Artifact - a zip stored in S3 containing outputted files from an action to pass along to another stage of the pipeline.
      5  Stage Transitions - link to the next pipeline stage.
  • Use Cases
      1  Automatically deploy traditional application eg. Ruby on Rails.
      2  Automatically deploy serverless applications eg. Lambdas.
      3  Automatically deploy statically generated websites eg. JAMStacks.

More Details

Amazon EC2: Click Here

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR): Click Here

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): Click Here

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS): Click Here

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM): Click Here