• A fully-managed deploy pipeline to deploy to staging or production environments.
  • Can deploy to EC2, On-Premise, Lambda or ECS.
  • Can Perform In-Place or Blue/Green Deployments.
      1  In-Place - instances are breifly taken offline, updates are applied to existing servers.
      2  Blue/Green - Replaces instances with new instances. Swapping environments.
  • CodeDeploy Core Components
      1  Application - Encompassess all other components. Unique ID of the application being deployed.
      2  Deployment Groups - A set of EC2 instances or Lambda Functions where the new revision is deployed to.
      3  Deployments - This is the process and components used to apply a new application revision.
      4  Deployment Configuration - A set of deployment rules used during deployment - with success/failure conditions included.
      5  AppSpec File - Contains the deployment actions that CodeDeploy should execute during deployment.
      6  Revision - This is everthing required to deploy a new version: AppSpec file, application files, config files, executables.
  • The Appspec.yml describes the deploy instructions and must be part of the deploy artifact.
  • You need to install the CodeDeployAgent on the EC2 instances so it can communicate with CodeDeploy.
  • You need to CodeDeployServiceRole to your EC2 instance so they have permission to communicate to CodeDeploy and so CodeDeploy has permissions to replicate servers or ASGs.

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