API Gateway

  • API Gateway is a solution for creating secure API's in your cloud environment at any scale.
  • Create API's that act as a front door for applications to access data, business logic, or functionality from back-end services.
  • API Gateway throttles API endpoints at 10,000 requests per second (can be increase via service request through AWS support).
  • Stage allow you to have multiple published versions of your API eg. Prod, Staging, QA.
  • Each Stage has an Invoke URL which is the endpoint you use to interact with your API.
  • You can use a custom domain for your invoke URL eg. api.test.co.
  • You need to publish your API via deploy API. You choose which stage you want to publish your API.
  • Resources are your URLs eg /tasks.
  • Resources can have child resources eg. /tasks/id/edit.
  • You defined multiple methods on your resources eg GET, POST, DELETE.
  • CORS issues are common with API Gateway, CORS can be enabled on all or individual endpoints.
  • Caching improves latency and reduces the amount of calls made to your endpoint.
  • Same Origin Policies help to prevent XSS attacks.
  • Same Origin Policies ignore tools like postman or curl.
  • CORS is always enforced by the client.
  • You can require Authorization to your API via AWS Cognito or a custom Lambda.

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